Adelaide Show Ride Tragedy

October 2nd, 2014 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

Last month the Royal Adelaide Show was the scene of an amusement ride fatality involving an eight year old girl.  On 12 September, the girl fell 10 metres to her death from the Show’s new ride, Airmaxx 360.  In the aftermath, the Show’s Chief Executive Mr John Rothwell was reported by Fairfax as stating  that all rides at the show were subject to daily checks and a national compliance audit by regulatory authorities.  The ride in question was a new addition to the Show, and it had appeared previously at shows in Sydney and Brisbane earlier in the year with no safety-related complications.… Continue reading »

Heightened Security Threat Requires Tolerance and Vigilence

October 2nd, 2014 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

With the Federal Government announcing an increase to the national terrorism alert level in Australia, public venues and event organisers have responded with a ‘ramping’ up of security protocols across their operations; particularly throughout the footy finals and into the upcoming summer event season.  Such changes may include increases in labour force security and police numbers, a tightening of restricted items policies, more stringent bag searches, and other additional layers of security screening and monitoring. The upshot of such changes will be an impact on patron queue times on entry and a need to inform customers to change arrival habits at the event or venue.… Continue reading »

Fappening is Happening

October 2nd, 2014 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

Jennifer Lawrence, Arianna Grande and Kim Kardashian are amongst the extensive list of celebrities that have had their iCloud accounts’ hacked throughout the last month, resulting in a number of their nude images being uploaded online. As The Sydney Morning Herald reported, the stars’ private images were uploaded for the world to view via the online viral image sharing forums, 4chan, Reddit and most recently, Fappening.  There has been no confirmation that these leaks have resulted from a breach in the security of Apple’s iCloud system, and Apple has stated that they are assisting in an investigation. The unfortunate incident raises questions of risks associated with data stored in ‘the cloud’ or any other other online digital platform.… Continue reading »

Tiger Turns Nasty

August 7th, 2014 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

Big Cat handler Mr. Mark Turner was the subject of Australia Zoo’s third-ever tiger attack late last month, and underwent emergency surgery for his punctured left leg. As reported by The Australian newspaper, ‘Juma’ is the largest tiger at the Queensland-based zoo (founded by the father of the late Steve Irwin), and is not known to be aggressive. In November 2013, a different tiger at the Zoo reportedly mistook a handler for a mauling toy, and bit him on his neck.  His injury and slow recovery prevented him from working at the Zoo for months.

The incidents demonstrate the occupational hazard of working with animals that have the potential to inflict serious harm.… Continue reading »

Boys Bulled

August 7th, 2014 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

Mid-last month in the city of Pamplona, Spain, two Australians boys partook in a notoriously dangerous bull run, and were gored and hospitalised for their efforts. As Fairfax reported, the event was one of eight bull runs that were held in the San Fermin Festival, with the Festival known as much for its all night partying as its day time runs.

While only fifteen people have died at events such as these in Spain since records have been kept, this year’s festival alone saw 42 people being hospitalised with many more treated for minor injuries. To us the event would violate acceptable public safety and animal welfare standards in many western countries, however these events are a good example of the difference in risk acceptability from one country to the next.  With the bulls being chased in packs down narrow streets to their death by crowds cheering men, the event has a growing level of opposition internationally.… Continue reading »

To Tell or Not to Tell – Thorpedo into the Truth

August 7th, 2014 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

It seems the world media have been abuzz since champion swimmer Ian Thorpe told the world that he is gay. As Fairfax reported, reactions to his news have ranged from the shock of his family to the indifference of others, and we couldn’t help but notice that it would seem sharing one’s sexuality with the world can be risky business for a professional sportsperson.

During an interview with Sir Michael Parkinson that aired on Channel Ten last month, Thorpe revealed that attitudes in the playground of his all boys’ high school were homophobic, and being ‘gay’ was a term thrown around as an accusation that was often followed with an invitation for a fight.… Continue reading »

Airport Outage

July 4th, 2014 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

A power failure at Sydney Airport in late June has sparked criticism from many passengers for the ensuing delays and cancellations, and has highlighted the importance of contingency planning for large venues whose operations rely heavily on power.

As SBS television reported, the failure became apparent at 9am on a Friday morning as check-in and baggage screening and air-conditioning systems failed. The failure had flow-on effects in greater Sydney, with traffic delays leading to and from the airport, as well as nationally as planes were instructed not to land at the terminal due to non-functional gangways.

All airlines operating from Terminal 2 were affected, namely, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Rex and Tiger.… Continue reading »

Todd Carney’s Career Bubbles Away

July 4th, 2014 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

A confronting display of participating in what is reportedly a trend in the skating community has landed NRL player, Todd Carney in dire circumstances. His $650, 000 a year contract with the Cronulla Sharks Football Club, of which three years remained, has been terminated. As the Daily Telegraph reported, an image of the footballer apparently drinking his own urine while urinating at a  nightclub was posted to Twitter in late June, before going viral on social media.

After the image was circulated to the Sharks’ club management, an emergency meeting was held at their home ground, where the termination of his contract was made effective immediately.… Continue reading »

Paul the World Cup Psychic Octopus

July 4th, 2014 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

In 2010, the outcome of each of the eight final FIFA Cup games was accurately predicted by what was deemed to be a psychic cephalopod, Paul the Octopus. To refresh your memory, Paul was housed in a tank at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen in Germany, and correctly picked which team would win by eating from one of two boxes that was marked with the flag of the countries that were playing.

As the Football World Cup in Brazil draws toward the finals, we wait in anticipation for the next seafood star to become famous for their picks.

As we reported in *#IT Happens back in 2010, the chance of picking all eight finals matches is less than half a percent.… Continue reading »


May 23rd, 2014 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

In our May edition of Reliance Risk’s newsletter *#IT Happens, the banner heading for our Youtube section states: “These clips will leave you laughing at the bizarre and disastrous situations life can throw at us!”  Contained in this section are Youtube clips covering the deaths from the failed home insulation program in Australia, risk-taking behaviour on trains, and other stories.

This heading was not intended for publication and should not be taken to detract from the serious nature of these news items.  On behalf of Reliance Risk I sincerely apologise for any offence this may have caused.

Wayne Middleton


Reliance Risk… Continue reading »