Music Festival Fatalities

December 7th, 2015 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

This time last year, we wrote about the concerning number of festival-goers who had been found in possession of drugs at a music festival in New South Wales.  We also reported on the proposed response to reports of increased drug use amongst the Australian festival industry, with event organisers working closely with police to enforce strict security and detection measures.

This week history has repeated itself as we are saddened by the news of yet another death of a young person at the Stereosonic music festival in Adelaide, reportedly from a drug overdose. As the ABC reported, the death is among five others that have occurred in 2015 at Australian festivals from illicit drug use.… Continue reading »

Fan Ban

December 7th, 2015 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

Major sporting codes often tread a fine line between protecting their brand through stringent crowd management measures, and maintaining the passion that makes each sport unique. This has most recently been highlighted in Australia by Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) recent response to alleged unruly crowd behaviour by Western Sydney Wanderers fans.

As reported by Fairfax, FFA have been banning individual supporters from attending A-league games, on account of anti-social behaviour. As ABC reported, Wanderers supporter Julian Cumbo was 16 years old when he received a banning notice via email, and then post, notifying him that he was banned from attending games for five years as a result of his involvement in a brawl at a match; this, despite the fact that he had not received a police conviction from the incident.… Continue reading »

Responding to Paris’ Targeted Assaults

December 7th, 2015 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

The shocking terrorist attacks in Paris that took place last month may have a lasting impact on the global venue industry, with places of public entertainment being impacted by the tragic events.

The coordinated ISIS attacks at concert venue the Bataclan and sporting stadium Stade de France killed 129 people, as BBC News reported, and left widespread terror throughout Paris. In addition to the general heightened fear of further terrorism within the city, with entertainers postponing scheduled Paris tours throughout the remainder of the month, the shorter-term effects included the cancellation of two high-profile sporting matches in London and Germany respectively. As reported by NBC News, these cancellations reportedly occurred because of knowledge that other specific attacks were planned at other locations.… Continue reading »

The Unexpected Risks of Social Media

November 5th, 2015 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

The power of social media platforms to capture public attention is something that politicians, celebrities and everyday people have been utilising, as has been well documented over the past several years. However, the potential reputational and legal risks associated with content that ‘goes viral’ on such platforms has increased exponentially in recent times.

As the Malaysian Insider reported, photos of naked men that were taken in Sabah’s Kinabalu Park have circulated through Facebook and landed in the hands – or under the eyes – of Malaysian authorities. Sabah Parks’ Minister for Tourism, Culture and Environment has said that tourists to the islands will be required to acknowledge and abide by local regulations, by way of declaration forms.  These would act as an accountability measure to ensure that tourists are made aware of local customs, where the tourism industry has failed to do so, and discount any offending tourists’ claims that they ‘did not know’ that nudity is forbidden.… Continue reading »

Not so Free to Roam the Skies

November 5th, 2015 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

Earlier this year, we reported on the popularity and related restrictions imposed on the ‘selfie stick’; the hand-held gadget used to take photographs from a distance of up to two metres away from the subject. In the same category of remotely-controlled digital devices that allow photo-capturing ‘at a distance’, is the drone.

The availability of drones to recreational users has seemingly been met with enthusiasm by the public all over Australia, the US and in other countries with access to advanced technology.   However, increasing concerns over the safe use of drones by amateurs are reflected in increasing scrutiny by authorities, and banning by public venues.… Continue reading »

Safety at Carnivals

November 5th, 2015 by reliancerisk | Posted in News

Three girls enjoying rides at a theme park in Liverpool, NSW last weekend were flung from their carriage as its door  opened mid-air, and fell four metres to the ground. As reported by the ABC, emergency services were called and the teens were taken to hospital, where they were treated for injuries that included a fractured pelvis, and rib and arm wounds.

The incident is not isolated, with others involving rides at theme parks having been reported over the past several years across Australia.  This highlights the importance of strict safety management systems for carnivals, and the need for close monitoring and oversight by operators, venues and regulators.… Continue reading »

Hayne’s Successful Switch

October 5th, 2015 by admin | Posted in News

While current news of the new San Francisco 49er Jarryd Hayne may be focussed on an on-field fumble and the team’s recent thrashings, the bravery and success of his move from Australian rugby league to American football has deservedly brought more attention than the dropped catch.

As ABC reported, Hayne’s career in the NRL playing for the Parramatta Eels was full of highlights, including the 2009 Dally M Medal and the 2014 NRL Player of the Year alongside Johnathan Thurston.

Perhaps because of his successive triumphs in the code, the 26-year-old sportsman sought a challenge. As Courier Mail reported, in an open letter to Eels members in September, Hayne delivered news of his decision to pursue a career in America’s National Football League.… Continue reading »

Manslaughter Charge on Account of Gross Negligence

October 5th, 2015 by admin | Posted in News

The proprietor of Adelaide trucking company Colbert Transport, Peter Colbert has been charged with manslaughter on account of neglecting to maintain the safety of a truck, a failure that has been judged as the cause of a driver’s tragic death in March of last year.

As ABC reports, employee Robert Brimson was on a job involving what would have been a 50-kilometre drive in north Adelaide, when he encountered heavy traffic on a main road. A camera in the vehicle captured his realisation that the truck’s brakes were defunct, while reports of drivers close to the scene suggest that he swerved away from nearby cards and collided with a pole.… Continue reading »

Hajj Disaster

October 5th, 2015 by admin | Posted in News

A shocking and fatal stampede near Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mosque at this year’s Muslim pilgrimage has brought serious calls for a review of the Saudi government’s initiatives to protect the safety of the two million annual visitors who perform the Hajj.

As reported in The Guardian, the government’s initial reports of 769 deaths occurring from a crowd crush near Mecca have been revised up with total deaths from the stampede now estimated at over 1,000. The incident echoes that of the Hajj in 1990, whereby 1,426 pilgrims lost their lives in the holy city.

Saudi authorities had taken preventative measures to prevent injury following the death of 350 people in the 2006 Hajj.… Continue reading »

Goodes on Him – or Not?

August 19th, 2015 by admin | Posted in News

An act of celebration by Indigenous footballer Adam Goodes at the Sydney Cricket Ground earlier this year brought the issue of racial discrimination back onto the public agenda, igniting a very public debate on the issue last month.

As the Herald Sun reported, the 35-year-old Swans player ‘war-danced’ provocatively towards Carlton fans in the crowd after his team scored a goal mid-match during the annual AFL Indigenous Round in May earlier this year. The opposition spectators at whom this dance was targeted met him with booing and jeering; with police and security attending but no charges laid. The ABC reported that following the match, Goodes described his war dance as a tribute to Aboriginals in sport.… Continue reading »